Bike Shops Without Language Barriers With Velodrop’s Multilingual Online Booking Forms

At Velodrop, we understand that effective communication is at the heart of a successful bike shop. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest achievment – partnering with customers to translate our online booking forms, ensuring a seamless experience for international shops and their diverse customer base.

Already available in English, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, and Finnish, our multilingual approach reflects our commitment to inclusivity. We believe that language should never get in the way of excellent service. 

We’re a small team, and English being our native language, we are unable to provide support in other languages directly. You and your team will still need to be able to read and understand english enough to navigate our admin interface. But we don’t want language to ever be a barrier between you and your own local customers.

If you’re considering subscribing to Velodrop, we really want you to know that our collaboration doesn’t end with providing great software. Upon subscribing, we’re ready to work hand-in-hand with you to translate our booking forms to your locale, so you can provide the best service you can for your customers at home. Let’s break language barriers together and provide exceptional service to every customer. Subscribe today and let’s start this journey.