Smart Workshop Management

Elevate your bike repair shop’s performance with the power of our online management tools.

Maximize Efficiency

Our smart management software gives you the power to control your employees schedules and appointment availability, so your bike shop can run efficiently and at full capacity, while avoiding overbooking.

Consolidate Tasks

Book, reschedule or track missed appointments, take notes, track special orders and warranty claims and automatically send reminders and done notifications via SMS and email all from one place.

Access Anywhere

Manage your shop any time from anywhere. making it possible to check the day’s work load from home, take customer’s appointments from any computer in the shop, or even set up a self serve kiosk allowing customers to book them selves on site. Imagine the possibilities!

Online Booking

Customer Self Serve

Let customers book their next service online at any time from any device. Online booking for your shop is available 24/7.

No Sign Up Required

Clients can book their appointment in seconds. They never need to create an account or install an app. It couldn’t be  easier to do business with you!

Save Time

Your clients will love the convenience of booking online, and you’ll love the time saved talking on the phone, hand writing work orders and maintaining appointment books.

SMS Built In

Build Stronger Relationships

Communicate with your customer’s in real time, directly through the web browser, using our built-in SMS text messaging software.


Automated appointment reminders sent via email and SMS dramatically reduce forgotten appointments and missed opportunities.

Update and Notify

Notify customers when an appointment, order or warranty claim has been completed with just the click of a button.

Localized For Your Customers

Thanks to support from our clients, to better support their customers we’ve translated our online booking forms to in multiple languages. Translations are currently available in English, French, Spanish, Norweigian, Finnish and Lithuanian.

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